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Live Life Better

Living a Pursue lifestyle means healthily pushing your body to its limits on a regular basis, and fitness helps you achieve that!

Running, walking, hiking, swimming, or anything else that can get your heart rate up will help with your cardio for the day. Strength-training is also important as it challenges your muscles to work harder than they do during a normal day. Both of these types of exercises go hand-in-hand when thinking of a proper fitness routine that suits your personal needs!

What we have learned at Pursue is that when it comes to fitness, it’s best to isolate each muscle per workout. For example, having an “arm” day or “leg” day is highly effective for it will truly push your muscles to the best of their ability.

Isolating certain muscles each day will improve your physical results faster than doing everything each day, but it’s also important to not just focus on one muscle group every day.

When you focus on only one group all of the time, not only will the other muscles get no love, but the muscles you are working out will get over-worked and cause severe muscle pain.

Also by working other muscles through different exercises, you are allowing your already-exercised muscles to rest. When they get to rest, they will get to rejuvenate for the next workout, which even helps the muscles build more!

When you’re choosing the workout that best fits your style, choose routines that will motivate you to keep moving and to keep pushing forward. By always staying motivated, you’re always challenging your body in a healthy way, and nothing feels better than having a happy body.

Stay encouraged to stay active.


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