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Change Your Life, Not Your Moment

With the season getting warmer and the clothes getting thinner, everyone is deciding their diet of the year to get their summer body. The problem is: diets don’t work.

Dieting causes you to have deadlines. Deadlines put your mind in a more obsessive state, trying to beat the time in having that perfect body. If you don’t make the deadline, you feel that you have lost.

“Dietary restraint may create biological and psychological feelings of deprivation that lead to greater reactivity to food cues, cravings, counter-regulation, disinhibition, periodic overeating, and weight gain. Biologically, it is often associated with unhealthy changes in body composition, hormonal changes, reduced bone density, menstrual disturbances, and lower resting energy expenditure. Dietary restraint is further associated with numerous measures of negative affect, diminished cognitive functioning, body dissatisfaction, overvaluation of weight and shape, and eating disorders.” -Huffington Post

If your goal is to have a better body by a certain time, you might can get that look by the deadline you set for yourself, but with dieting, you either would have to stick with the strict limits or gain even more weight when you go back to normal eating habits.

When you join the Pursue journey, you not only will look better in the long run, you will feel better.

We don’t want to assist you for a deadline in a race, we want to run alongside you in a marathon.

If you stick around for the journey, we will have recipes, healthier replacements, and challenges to even quit addicting foods that bring you down (sugar, we are coming at you).
It will seem difficult at first, but trust us, your day-to-day life will bloom into one that is full of energy and positivity in almost every situation. Diets will only lead you into a strict routine of obsessing over the “don’ts” instead of the “do’s,” causing you to have mood swings and fatigue.

Diets won’t work, but a new lifestyle will.

Change your life not your moment.


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