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Proactive Health - The Key To Longevity

A REAL customers story... UN-EDITED!

We received an email the other day from one of our awesome customers who wanted to share her story.  While we receive incredible success story emails from our customers often, there was something a little different about this one that we felt needed to be shared.

It is a great example of exactly what you can expect to experience with the SyntriCleanse System.

This is Karlye's Story

Hi! I’m Karlye, and I recently partook in Pursue’s Syntricleanse System. I was a little skeptical at first because I had never taken a cleanse before, but after reading the symptoms of parasite infestations, I knew that I’d rather be safe than sorry.

The first cycle, Paratox- D7, did not really show any drastic changes in my body. This cycle is only needed to prepare your body for the second cycle, so there weren’t any major things that I noticed during this cycle. I will say, though, that due to the need to take two supplements with each of three meals a day, it made me focus more on eating regularly each day instead of skipping meals or eating too much. It’s important, even in a cleanse, to eat healthy and steadily.

The second cycle, Flush, definitely showed changes. After the first intake of supplements, I felt immediate results from my stomach. I was taking trips to the restroom many times throughout the day, and I mean many.

Sometimes I was in there for less than five minutes and other times I was in there for up to fifteen minutes. This cycle certainly backs up its name, and my body was being cleansed of more than I thought I had in my body. I would suggest that you not do this cleanse while working a job that requires you to stand up and not take many breaks. I am a barista and I needed many breaks!

My body was not able to control everything even though I am known to have the bladder of a champion. So trust me, you will have to go to the restroom. At the end of this cycle, I felt refreshed and empty of any muck that has been in my body that I didn’t know about.

It was like having a clean slate to start a healthier lifestyle.

Ready For A Clean Slate?

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During this cycle I also tried my hand in cutting most of the sugar that I usually would intake on a daily basis, so that mixed with the cleanse really helped me gain control when around the sweet demon.

The Pre Pro + supplement cycle really helped bring my body back to normal. After the major physical changes it went through, it was nice to have my old body back, but cleaner than ever. I am currently taking the Probiotics and it’s helping me stay on top of things when it comes to the food I eat.

With keeping up the routine of taking these supplements, I am constantly reminded on how to keep my body from getting another infestation. I now eat much less sugar than before, I have upped my hygiene habits, and I have checked nutrition labels to ensure that I am not putting my body at risk for anything undercooked or non-pasteurized.

Things are looking up and I am feeling clean!

I am almost excited for my next Flush cycle in three months! Taking care of my body has never been easier and more fulfilling than knowing that I am actively protecting my body from the small-but-deadly parasites!

Nothing Beats Proof

Could you sense the honesty and authenticity of Karlye's story. Yes, during that second phase, you will want to be close to a bathroom because these products work.  

You can't rid yourself of waste if you're not allowing it to come out. However, once you've cleaned your system and rid yourself of parasites and toxins, you will feel the difference.  You may even find that many the symptoms you may be dealing with disappear, all because you got rid of the root problem.

If you'd like more information on parasites hiding in your body and wreaking havoc on your health, then we have put together a Free Presentation that outlines:

  • The Problem with Parasites
  • The Effects they have on your body
  • The Simple 3 Step System that Eliminates 
  • And Even More Stories of how the SyntriCleanse System is giving people a new lease on life.

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P.S. You will also be given the chance to claim your SyntriCleanse System at a steep discount!


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